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Orchestra, Cantoris and House Shout

October 4, 2010

We have a  group of  people called  orchestra they play instruments like trumpets, flutes, pianos etc.  They go with Cantoris to Rome and Paris. They practise at break and they have it as a activity. The music teachers also have string group and brass also woodwind, those groups practice together at breaks.

We have a choir called Cantoris for the upper school and junior choir for the year 2/4 and then in year 5 you can audition to go in to Cantoris. If  you are in Cantoris you go to Rome or Paris to sing. We also sing in Waitrose in front of people.

Every year in the lent term the school holds something called house shout in the school hall, from the house Bryant Gascoigne Preistland and leachmen are the houses that people from year 3 and up are in. Then on the night all the people sing in the house a song the year eights have picked like last year the year in Bryant picked twist and shout and won! That sought of thing happens every Lent term, so if you were in gasgoine, you would dress in green because gasgoine is the colour green.

By Clemmie (Y5)

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