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Year 6 Oxford Maths Challenge

November 8, 2010

This year the challenge took place during our half term, but the four chosen to represent the school were very keen to take part; so, firstly, thanks to the children for giving up half a day of their holiday. They did very well too, so it was definitely worth the effort!

One pair was made up of James and Ned. The other pair were Guy and Patrick [who even interrupted his holiday in Bognor Regis to attend the challenge].

Both pairs scored 100% in the Mental Arithmetic 1st round. Both pairs scored 70 in the second round, known as ‘Counting Down’. In the third round [‘the Big Event’] James and Ned did very well scoring 80 points [top score for this round], and Guy and Patrick scored 55 points.

Their total scores placed them thus; James and Ned came 3rd out of 39 in their half of the draw, whilst Guy and Patrick came 4th out of 40 in their section. James and Ned would have come 1st equal if they had got one more question correct in one of the latter two rounds [one question being worth 5 points]. So close!

Overall, if the scores for each school’s pairs were combined, Winchester House came 2nd. So, very well done indeed. Thanks too to Mr Douglas Buchanan who organised the event [as wonderfully as ever], and to St Edward’s who hosted us all and provided a great tea afterwards!

Mr Girling


Gunpowder, Tweeting and Plot

November 8, 2010

Some of our Year 6s have been involved in an exciting project using Twitter to tell the story of the Gunpowder Plot. Several schools around the country have taken on different characters involved in the plot including the mastermind, Robert Catesby and even King James I himself.

If you have been following the adventures of #gtp2010 then it would be fantastic if you could leave us a comment below.

Nursery Popping Bubbles

October 22, 2010
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This morning Nursery were playing a Bubble Pop game in the ICT room. They had great fun and didn’t want to leave.

Half Term

October 21, 2010

I hope you all have a fantastic Half Term.

If you get up to anything exciting let us know by leaving a comment below. I will give House Points to the best comments.

Have fun

Year 7

October 20, 2010

Your lesson this week is an assessment and therefore you should work quietly and independently.

Your task is to use Publisher to create a poster for the Black Country Living Museum which you visited yesterday.

You can visit their website for information – – Think about what information should be included on the poster such as opening times, prices and facilities.

I will be putting copies of all your posters online and will be asking the Museum for their comments.

Chilean Miners Rescue

October 19, 2010

A couple of weeks ago Mr Seymour talked to us about the plight of the 33 Chilean miners trapped deep underground. This video shows the successful rescue of these men.

History of the World

October 18, 2010

This morning in assembly Mr Gillam talked to us about the BBC’s History of the World in 100 Objects project. He showed us pictures of an old penny coin from 1903 that had “Votes for Women” stamped across the back. He also showed us a video clip from another school who have been collecting their own examples of historical objects that tell a story.

He asked us to think if we have any interesting objects at home that would provide information to historians and then to bring them in to school so that they can be considered for inclusion in the BBC’s project.

If you do have any interesting objects at home. Let us know by leaving a comment over Half Term and then bring them in when you return to school.